Thursday, March 26, 2009

LOST S5ep10

Sayid-centric episodes never seem as good to me as Sawyer or even Jack episodes. I don't know why.

Well, now at least we know how Sayid came to be on the flight to Guam. Which I was definitely interested to know considering that he was so insistent on not going back. And that bounty hunter (what's her name?) I bet works for Ben. Now whether she knows it's Ben or not, I don't know.

He may have grown and matured a lot, but Sawyer is still looking out for himself first. He wanted to help Sayid out only to preserve his life with Dharma. Not to help Sayid. That's a bit of the old Sawyer returning.

I think the book Ben handed Sayid was A Separate Beauty. Since the writers of this show love to use literary references - both obvious and not-so-obvious ones - I'm expecting this book to have at least a slightly important meaning to the greater Lost story. But I couldn't find a book with that name on Amazon. Anyone know of it?

I had expected Sayid to have a desire to kill, or at least hurt, young Ben. But to see him actually shoot the kid was still shocking. Now, I'm not an expert at time travel and how it works. But since young Ben is dead, doesn't this mean that the 2007 Ben will disappear? Drop off the face of the Earth? Or are those two threads of time moving along simultaneously? Still, that has to have some effect on 2007 Ben. Unless 1977 Ben isn't really dead.

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