Friday, March 20, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep16

Crap, did this episode make me want to cry.

I can understand why Derek brings down Owen and Callie. Remember when Addison was back in Seattle and she asked him to be a god? That's Derek. He's such a good surgeon that he practically teeters on the edge of divinity. So when Derek has a crisis of faith and starts to question why he should continue as a surgeon and how he can live with himself, everyone else who has found a way to deal with it begins to question whether they deserve that chance to move forward.

Owen is clearly a broken man. And that is so obvious in the stories he chooses to tell about his medical career. When Derek said I thought you'd talk about Iraq and Owen's response was I don't talk about Iraq, you could just tell the anguish he's been through - and is still going through - because of what he witnessed serving in the Army. (Although, I do believe he told an Iraq story to Cristina when he was drunk and in her shower. I may be mistaken.) Did anyone else notice that they've dropped the Mc- nicknames? Cristina and Meredith called Owen G.I. Joe tonight. Not McJoe. Not McSoldier (I kinda like that one.) Maybe they didn't want to over do it.

Blowhole did some fabulous acting - and that makeup job was unbelievable.

Oh, lord, all the intern drama. Hilarious how George and Meredith insisted they stay out of it and that they weren't nearly as bad. Oh yeah they were. So glad that Bailey was there to remind them of that. And absolutely loved how George told Meredith that was so Bailey after she told off the interns in the bathroom. Our residents are finally growing into their roles as teachers and paying the interns the attention they deserve and need so they can become better doctors.

Friendship was obviously the theme for the episode. Blowhole's friends. Derek's friends. Izzie's friends. How friends will surprise you with the fierceness of their love and support just when you think you don't deserve it. Or you think they won't be so willing to give it to you.

You can't blame Cristina for blabbing Izzie's news. It was affecting her job. And when your job is to operate on people, you can't let shit like that affect you. Izzie thought she needed someone who wouldn't break down on her to be the one she shared her cancer secret with. Only she didn't realize what she really needed was to be told to fight, that someone needed her to fight because of how important she is to that person. So when Cristina finally told her I want you to fight, she was finally able to stop feeling sorry for herself and accept what she needs to do.

And, wow, just wow. Alex's face when he heard the news. My heart broke for him.

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