Friday, March 13, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep15

Well, George had considerably more scenes tonight. At least 3. Very impressive.

Bailey tattled on Richard to his wife. That was about the funniest scene I've seen Grey's do in a while. They were both behaving like children. And they deserved the talking-to they got.

What an idiotic move Derek! That was your grandmother's ring. You do NOT throw away jewelry like that. I hope someone finds that ring, and it's not just completely lost.

Does Meredith still have issues with Richard because of his affair with her mother? I thought she had gotten over that a long time ago. But based off what he said when he went to her to ask for help to get Derek back in the hospital, I'm not so sure.

Owen and Cristina are about the sweetest couple on TV. And what's kind of ironic is that they're not sweet people. They're both so hard core, blunt and way super serious. But together, they're softer, warmer. That moment when she tells him that it takes more than a bad dream to scare her away, and she caresses the side of his face (because it was softer than a touch, the only possible word for it is caress), it felt so intimate. So vulnerable. And that is something we've never seen before from Cristina.

Alex has become a great doctor. His bedside manner is so much better now. He's more considerate. But at the same time, he's still focused on what he wants, and the fact that he is committed to Izzie is very touching. Although apparently Alex still has some room to grow as he's been so focused on himself that he's not really noticed anything wrong with Izzie while George has.

I about melted along with Lexie when Mark told her that she didn't break him, she fixed him. He could charm the pants off anyone. Seriously. Anyone.

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