Thursday, March 12, 2009

Evil Plans

As all women know, being a bridesmaid is hard work. Depending on whether your dealing with a bridezilla or not can determine how much stress the job is.

Thankfully, all of the brides that have asked me to be a part of their special day (an honor from every single one of them) have been really pretty laid back. And my sister is not a bridezilla. Yet. (I kid, I kid!) There has been a shower every weekend for the past three weeks. And there's still two more to go. One of which I get to plan.

The lingerie shower/bachelorette party.

Oh, yeah, the really fun one!

She's already nervous about what I got in store. I don't think any of it is that terrible. But, my sister embarrasses a lot easier than I do. Of course, I do plan to embarrass her a little bit. Something to do with a stick horse and a scavenger hunt that she has no idea what items she's asking for from random guys.

I'm starting to feel a bit behind though. I need to get the invitation so they can be sent in the next couple weeks.

If anyone has any really fun ideas, I'm open to hearing them.

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