Monday, February 16, 2009

A Love Story for Zappos

Got a story for you, dear readers.

My sister had requested that all her bridesmaids get brown strappy sandals to wear with our brown dresses for her wedding. Even though it's not until May, I had been looking around during the fall as I have an easier time finding brown shoes then. I had been salivating over this pair for a couple months:

In December, the department stores had the style on sale but only had them in black. So I turned to Zappos. They were discounted on the web site, and I didn't have to pay shipping. So already I was loving the deal. Plus, they were delivered the next day. Along with a surprise.

In my shipment were another pair of shoes that I did not order or pay for. And as they were children's Uggs (shoes that in my opinion are in the same category as Crocs), I felt no desire to keep them. Knowing that a bunch of Zappos employees are on Twitter, I tweeted a question as to who I need to contact about getting the Uggs to the appropriate person. Within a few hours, I had three responses, one of which was from the Zappos CEO. (Social media at work!)

I called the number they gave me thinking I would first have to wait forever and then go through a bunch of hassle to get the box shipped back to them. However, I quickly got a human being on the phone, who was very pleasant, helpful and nice. He quickly took care of the situation in the computer and told me all I had to do was take off the label on the box, make sure my order information wasn't left inside and leave it outside for UPS to pick up the next day. Which UPS did.

The Zappos customer service guy then told me he'd send me a $20 off coupon for my trouble. "What trouble?" is what I wanted to say to him. This was the most pain-free return situation I've ever had with an online retailer. But I was not going to turn down $20 bucks that I could put towards a new pair of shoes.

Well, I've waited to share this story until I used the coupon. And naturally, I couldn't limit myself to one pair. Here's what I got:

Black Nine West pumps that I also have in red. They're surprisingly comfortable for pointed toe heels. And I needed a new pair of classic black pumps.

Nine West booties that are all kinds of awesome.

Btw - I ordered these at 9 one evening. They were in my hands by 10:30 the next morning.

Have I mentioned that I love Zappos? You cannot beat customer service like theirs. Zappos is the kind of retailer that makes you wonder why you put up with shitty service from other companies.

If you buy shoes, clothing or accessories online, try Zappos first. You will not regret it. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about them.

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Jenn said...

I love all of them! Those brown strappy's are gorgeous!