Thursday, February 19, 2009

LOST S5ep6

Wow. Just wow.

This episode answered a little bit. Like why Locke died, how they get back to the Island.

But it skipped a lot of what feels like to be important stories. Such as how Sayid ended up in handcuffs on his way to Guam. How Hurley found out about Flight 316. What happened to Aaron. What happened to Ben (although that I'm guessing has to do with him wanting to kill Penny).

Did the rest of them make it back onto the Island? Why is Jin in a Dharma jumpsuit?

Loved how Hurley brought a guitar to represent Charlie. And I'm surprised Sun would just leave her daughter behind to go back to the Island. Of course, I'm presuming she won't be able to leave again. Though I could be wrong about that.

I absolutely loved that Lapidus was the pilot. Talk about full circle since he was supposed to be the pilot of Flight 815 (at least that's what I remember him saying last year).

I think Jack was wrong. I don't think Locke would have been laughing at him putting his father's shoes on Locke's feet. That just doesn't seem like Locke.

Whatever happened with Aaron had to have changed Kate's mind. Even though she didn't look too happy about going back.

And then the scenes for next week have you believe Locke is resurrected. Certainly pieced together with Ben's story from tonight's episode about Thomas and how he didn't believe in the resurrection until he could touch the wounds himself, it would seem like that is where they're headed: Locke's resurrection. And that scene where he's about to hang himself rang a bit of a crucifixion in a way.

I'm just glad it didn't take them all season to get back to the Island. Makes me feel like there's way more story and interesting twists to come.

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