Thursday, February 12, 2009

LOST S5ep5

So Danielle was at least accurate in her story about shooting her team. Even though she was a bit crazy when she did it. I'm guessing that she was at the very least partially right about them all not being right after going after Mr. Smoky. Especially since Robert actually tried to shoot her too. Just one big crazy team.

One of the bazillion questions I have about this show is why Locke, Ben, Richard and that group seem to believe that bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the Island is THE thing to do. While Claire and Charlotte are insisting that they don't bring him/her back. Of course part of that question is who are they referencing? Did Claire mean Aaron? Or did she mean one of the others? Did Charlotte mean Sun? Or Ji Yeon? Whatever the answer is, I do not think that Claire and Charlotte mean who we might expect.

Interesting how Mrs. Hawking didn't say anything to Desmond. I was expecting her to have some sort of reaction to seeing him again. Speaking of Mrs. Hawking, I wonder if Desmond is still having his flashes of the future. Or if that all ended with Charlie dying. It certainly seemed to stop being a plot device once Charlie died.

Kinda sad to see Charlotte die. Thought it does not come as a surprise that she lived on the Island. What's not clear to me is if she was born on the Island. Which would mean the Others' inability to successfully carry a baby to term and deliver it is a recent dilemma. Which naturally bring up a whole new set of questions.

The temple! I thought that looked like it would be the temple. Wonder what kind of god(s) it was built for and who built it. It looked pretty old. Like maybe pre-Dharma.

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The arm rip was cool.

When will people ever learn? If you go up against the smoke monster, you'd better be...



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