Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOST S5ep4

Locke unsurprisingly was in no rush to go towards the hatch on what is quite likely one of the worst nights of his life. He may not have pushed the plane over the edge of the cliff, but he is the reason Boone was in that plane, which eventually caused his death. We saw Locke grieve that night but it was more a confusion on what the Island wanted from him rather than what he had done to Boone. I imagine he's been feeling the guilt ever since but hiding it. And when faced with that night again, he couldn't hide it. It was nice to see that.

Now what group brought the boat (outrigger?) to the beach? I have absolutely no idea. Carl had an outrigger if you remember from season 3. But generally the Others I don't think used them.

Nice to see a sane Rousseau. Maybe now we'll get to see what happened to her group.

And yay for Jin, who's not dead!

It really wasn't all that surprising to learn that it was Ben who hired the lawyers for the blood samples from Kate and Aaron. He wanted to freak her out enough that it would be easy to get her to agree to go back to the Island. Too bad his plan didn't work out.

I wonder how much time has elapsed for those left behind on the Island since Ben moved it. It's hard to tell since they keep jumping around in time.

So sweet the look on Sawyer's face while he watched Kate help Claire give birth. You could tell how much he truly cares for her, and that it's real feelings for him. Which is probably something he's never felt before.

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