Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jack in the Crack

Saturday DBF and I went over to my sister's old place to help her paint the walls back to the original color. On our way, DBF wanted to stop at Jack in the Box to grab some lunch to take with us.

We went in, as DBF said the drive-thru takes forever (Jack in the Box is not my fast food of choice). After placing our order to-go, we waited at least 15 minutes for our food.

Our number was finally called, and we pushed our way through the high schoolers to claim our food. Only it was on a tray as if we were eating it there.

We told the guy we wanted it to go. He then took DBF's sandwich off the tray leaving the tacos and fries and put the sandwich in the back.

When he came back, we again said we wanted it to go. He put the fries and tacos in a bag and put the bag on the back counter.

We had to then practically beg him for our order. So he finally handed us the bag, but we still had no damn sandwich.

After another minute or so of watching this idiot run around putting together other orders and trying to convey to him that we wanted that sandwich he put in the back, we finally had our order (minus the fries I wanted but I was not going to spend another second fighting with the damn idiot). 20 minutes after we walked in.

I think next time I'll try to get DBF to go somewhere else besides Jack in the Crack.

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