Friday, February 20, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep15

Whoa, did you check out Bailey with the sassy hair-do??? She was looking hot!

I think it's almost expected for the Chief to think of Bailey pratically as a daughter. They have a close working relationship. He doesn't have any children of his own. And he's still probably looking to retire in the near future and is wanting to groom a replacement. Naturally he'd lean towards a surgeon that specialized in general surgery as that was his. Only she's disappointed him a little bit now that she wants to go into pediatric surgery.

Mark's timing sucks. You would think he would know when it was not a good time to give his best friend that kind of news. Of course, Mark probably wasn't thinking too clearly as he just wanted to get the news out and in the open. Though I definitely was not prepared for Derek to beat the bloody shit out of Mark like that. They'll both be lucky if there's no damage to their hands.

Poor Callie. She just cannot catch a break. Within the past year or so (according to the Grey's Anatomy calendar) she's gotten divorced because her husband cheated on her in what was the worse coupling ever, she discovered a whole other sex and was dropped without fanfare somewhat soon after. And now a hot doctor who randomly kisses her in the bar bathroom refuses to go out with her because she doesn't have enough experience. Man if I were her, I'd crawl into a bottle and not come out for a couple weeks.

Did anyone else swoon when Owen said he was going to have to pry the scalpel out of Cristina's hand in 40 years? Man that guy knows how to make your knees melt.

Owen was right though. Cristina was a bully. Though she's a bully just about every day. It's too bad that she doesn't seem to recognize that. And while she is definitely bullish, she can also have great compassion even though she rarely ever shows it.

Naturally they're not going to tell us tonight what exactly is Izzie's fate, or at the least how she's sick. I'll be a little upset if she leaves the show and they never revisit the storyline of her daughter. I thought that was particularly interesting. Of course, she could have some rare blood disorder, and they'd have to bring in the daughter for a transfusion or something. Which would really quite satisfy my need to see that story play out. Even if Izzie doesn't survive it.

While Owen may make knees melt, Mark stirs up something in the va-jay-jay. Only tonight it was that sweetest of sweet looks he gave to Lexie when she came in after the fight, and he insisted she was worth it. I hope she realizes how lucky she is.

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