Friday, February 13, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep14

Bailey was flirting with Sam. Don't blame her. He is HOT!

Meredith seemed like the season 1 or 2 Meredith again with her insecurity in the face of Derek's previous life. I had thought she had grown past that. I guess not completely anyway.

That intern game was pretty great. I like that someone is finally noticing that the interns are desperate to learn and that left on their own they'll do stupid things like operate on themselves in order to get the knowledge they need.

Sadie cheating her way into the program does not come as a surprise. She was too reckless and eager to attach herself to the smarties in the program so she could use them to advance.

Callie is not very convincing as a lesbian. That scene in the chapel was kind of awkward. I doubt they're going to abandon the story of lesbian Callie though because that would be too much.

George was definitely on screen in this episode for longer than 10 seconds. But it's too little too late. Looks like he and Izzie will be leaving Seattle Grace. Though ABC has yet to make an official announcement.

It's hard to imagine coming home from war and not telling your mother. But I can see his point. War changes people in ways that those left behind cannot begin to grasp. And Owen is especially troubled by what he went through in Iraq. The hardest part of his story is the knowledge that there are young men and women in real life going through the same, difficult time.

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