Friday, February 6, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep13

Loved that little shot of Mark and Lexie almost, kinda, sorta holding hands on the elevator. He lurvs her! He just can't admit it. I love it when Lexie stands up for herself. Maybe because she seems to be so sweet and kind of a pushover that the moments when she shows her true strength are even that more powerful. I want to see Mark come clean to Derek. I really do want to see them together. I find their relationship to be fascinating.

And I'm just about as fascinated with Owen and Cristina. Loved the music that accompanied their scenes in this episode. So very sweet.

What I don't understand is how Derek knew that all the flowers were not a gesture that would be meaningful to Meredith. And yet he was doing it anyway. Granted Addison called and interrupted so he cleared it all out. But still. You would think that by now he would know Meredith well enough that he wouldn't do something he knew wouldn't have meaning to her.

George had all of 10 seconds on screen tonight. Is he even a cast member any more? Though I did love that little throwback to Gizzie when George and Izzie both spoke up a little too loudly about not trying number 15.

Nice to see Izzie doing her job as a teacher and showing the interns some basic procedures. Even if she was doing it for selfish reasons. I don't believe that anemia is what Denny was referencing. It's gotta be bigger than that.

Everything is right with the world... Cristina and Meredith are talking again and sharing Meredith's mom's journals.

Poor Bailey. She is trying so hard to deny what is obviously her calling. But all she sees and can remember is the pain and heartbreak that sometimes comes with pediatrics. She is forgetting that there is a lot of hope and joy there too.

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