Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sexy search terms that end in disappointment

I have a confession. I'm addicted to Google Analytics, which allows me to track how many visitors this blog gets and what brings them here. (Hi any new readers!)

Back in July, I did a post for my first daily photo month that included a story about a couple I saw in the wee morning hours having sex in a chair by a pool. It is no surprise that that post has brought a number of people here that, well, probably wouldn't have found it otherwise.

But it is fun to see the search terms they use...

  • sex chair
  • sexchair
  • sex chair picture
  • sex chairs
  • "saw a couple having sex"
  • "sex chair" photos
  • 2 person sex chair
  • all sex chairs
  • building a sex chair
  • couple sex chair
  • couple sex on a chair
  • having chair sex
  • having sex in a chair
  • having sex in a chair photo
  • having sex on the chair
  • having sex with love chair
  • hump myself on a chair
  • saw them having sex in pool
  • sex "deck chair"
  • sex chair building
  • sex chair for all positions
  • sex chair hump
  • sex chair story
  • sex couple on chair
  • sexchair chair
  • sexchair story
  • sexsual chair
  • the sex chair

And all those just from the last 3 months! My favorites have to be "building a sex chair" because it's a special chair, and you can't just have sex in any chair. It naturally has to be a chair made especially for the sex.

Also, "hump myself on a chair"... I don't even want to know about this one. But I think the best one is "sexsual chair" just because of the way "sexsual" is spelled.

Complete awesomeness. (Yes awesomeness is a word.) I love that I have such a high quality blog. I am a bit sad, however, to disappoint all these people who are clearly looking for porn or sex toys or a how-to.

But I am infinitely entertained to see these terms pop up a few times a week. Of course, this post might just extend all these searches. And I might have a bit of a mischievous streak.


Anthony said...

Hi Becky-- I linked here from the Bloggess and I usually don't comment much, but I think the secret to solving the mystery of these searches is the movie "Burn After Reading" where... well this is a spoiler, but... George Clooney builds a sex chair from instructions on the Internet. It's one of the bigger laughs in the movie, and it's just been released on DVD so there are a lot of people with Netflix out there.

dontplay media said...

Hi Becky, Quite and interesting read, and yes. This post must attract very random views, as i just came here via 'cakephp suggestive search terms' .. hehe