Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST S5ep3

Desmond and Penny have a son. And they named him Charlie. So sweet.

They didn't say how Theresa Spencer is connected to Faraday. But I'm betting it has something to do with his research. Lab assistant? Lab partner? Test subject? The reveal that Widmore was funding Daniel's research is not surprising.

So, the Others speak Latin. Interesting. They clearly needed a way to communicate with each other in front of enemies without revealing anything. Which must mean that they haven't been alone on the Island for some time. Otherwise, why teach everyone Latin?

Richard must have something to do with the leader selection process. We've seen him appear to Ben and Locke when they were young. And Richard mentions how the leadership selection process starts at a young age. I would have still guessed that he was time traveling to all these leaders except that we have confirmation from Juliet that he's very old. So ageless it is. At least now we know why he was at the hospital the day Locke was born.

How did the U.S. Army find and get on the Island to test its hydrogen bomb?

But the biggest reveal from tonight... we have Widmore's connection to the Island. He used to live on it. How he came to be on it, why and how he left are just the immediate questions that come to mind. But lived there he did. He was certainly a belligerent, angry and arrogant youth determined to show he knows what's best. "How's an old man going to follow and track me?" So arrogant. And no hesitation to kill anyone as he snapped the neck of his Other-friend. Come to think of it, that whole group of Others seemed very young. Was it some sort of training/test camp to see if the next leader was amongst them? Was Widmore at one point the leader of the Others? Did he have more trouble with the idea of passing on the leadership mantle to Ben than Ben had in passing it on to Locke? I have no idea. And my mind is reeling. Man, I love this show.

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