Friday, January 16, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep11

I thought Izzie met Denny's mother. Or was that just his father? Can't remember.

Yay and drool for a shirtless Mark Sloane scene!!!

You know how when you've done (or are doing) something you know your mom wouldn't approve of, you avoid her at all costs because you know that as soon as you see her and she gives you that patented mother look you'll be spilling your guts about everything? That was so Mark this episode with Derek's mom, who was essentially his mom. Loved how Lexie got all flustered under her interrogation.

Derek's mom was right. It is harder to have compassion for a person who is a murderer. I guess that's one thing I have to like about Meredith. She cares about all of her patients equally. The Dennys. And the serial killers.

So so so creepy when William asked the little boy if he wanted his liver.

Loved how Alex so easily slipped back into his old habits of being surly and mean only to realize that there is a much better way to deal with all that they see, including seeing little kids die... face forward and make plans for the future. And LOVED that he wants Izzie to meet his mom. Alex really is a big old softy.

How many lines did George have in this episode? Three, maybe. I think it is quite possible he may be leaving the show soon.

The story Owen was telling in the shower was heartbreaking, but I couldn't help giggling because he was in the shower fully clothed. Man, Cristina always has the hottest make out scenes. First, Burke and that time in the on call room for the first time. Then at least three scenes with Owen. She is a lucky lucky woman.

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