Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grey's Anatomy S5ep10

Loved that Mark and Callie were trying so hard to be good. And loved how they decided to follow their, er, hearts.

Richard is taking the trouble Seattle Grace is having personally. I think that's a sign of a good leader. Now if he can only find a way out of it for them.

Meredith was harsh with Cristina during surgery. My mouth was gaping open at what she said. I kinda hope Meredith gets taken down a peg for that. Of course Cristina is not exactly winning any Miss Humility contests either.

It's a good thing Derek has gorgeous hair. Because his dance moves are definitely not. But I admire that he was trying to be there for her.

Loved that Alex and the boy exchanged no words as he handed Alex the Make a Wish form to sign. And Alex took it and signed it without hesitation. Really very sad. This episode just showed how much Alex has grown since the beginning. He accepted what Izzie told him about Denny without question. Without judgment. A season ago he would have reacted completely differently.

Bailey, who chided Izzie about getting emotionally involved with her patients, is emotionally involved with the little boy. But that's what makes her Bailey.

I often think of serial killers as being psychotic and easy to distinguish from "normal" people. William may be psychotic and very possibly a sociopath, but he seems as normal as anybody. Polite. Grateful. And that is the incredibly scary part. Of course it would be very wise not to trust a single thing he says.

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