Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pushing Daisies S2ep10

This show is getting so intense. And so GOOD! It pains me to know that there are only 3 more episodes and then Pushing Daisies is gone forever. Hopefully, ABC will air those last 3 episodes.

Olive, who has been a little bit of a push-over when it comes to the rest of them, finally stands up and demands to know the facts. And the facts are these... she still doesn't know everything. But you can't blame Ned and Chuck for keeping some secrets. Those secrets are HUGE. Olive's got to take baby aspirin before she can take the huge horse pill.

What is it about Vivian that makes her so clingy, romantic and slightly naive. Likewise, what is it about Lily that makes her so cynical and a hard ass. Lily by far is my favorite of the two. Even if she did have sex with her sister's fiance, bear his child and lied about it to Vivian, and her own daughter, for 30 odd years. The eyepatch is a bonus.

Ned's dad was the one who pulled Dwight out of the ground and staged the hotel room?!?! How the hell?! I mean, how does he know about Ned's gift? Has he been secretly following him all this time and somehow managed to learn Ned's secret? Why would he do it so secretly and never talk to Ned about it?

Like I said... so GOOD!

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