Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Month 2 Day #17

The lone glove. Driving home tonight I was wearing my gloves. Both of them. Then DBF called me to talk about what we were doing for dinner. So I had taken off one of my gloves to answer the phone, and I just never put it back on afterward. I got to DBF's place and my glove had disappeared. Into. Thin. Air. I cannot find it. I've searched throughout my car. I've searched my bags and the pockets of my jacket. I've even searched the ground around where my car is parked. But that's not very relevant as I couldn't find it before I even opened the door to get out of my car. I have no idea where it is. And this is what I'm stressing over. Forget about the bills. Forget about Christmas next week and the gazillion things I have to get done before then. I'm stressed about how I lost a glove before I even got out of the car.

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