Friday, December 5, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep9

Suddenly losing one’s voice is a very rare disease. But I know of one person who has lost his voice. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, recently underwent surgery for spasmodic dysphonia and has successfully started regaining his voice. I know Grey’s Anatomy takes great care to be sure all their medical cases are rooted in reality. But it is thrilling to have heard of an example in real life.

I’m actually glad Cristina chose Alex for the solo surgery. He was the most prepared. And he has struggled to get where he is. He has fallen down and gotten up over and over and over again. Not just as a doctor but with Izzie as well. Winning the solo surgery has given him some confidence in himself that he didn’t have before. He has finally realized that not only is he worthy but he can do it. And now he has discovered confidence in himself with Izzie. Finally he has admitted he loves her.

Only Izzie is still seeing Denny. And Denny’s still dead. But she has said screw it, I’m going to enjoy whatever the frak this is while I can. Except she has Alex saying he loves her. Now what does she do?

I don’t understand how Meredith after telling Cristina to do what she needs to do about the solo surgery could be so upset when she wasn’t picked. Or how she could be so naïve to think that things were okay again between them after the huge fight they had. No one, not even best friends, are okay again so soon after a falling out like that.

LOVED that scene with Cristina and Owen with the vent. Absolutely LOVED it! He understood exactly what she needed. And what she needs is him. More scenes like that please!

Don’t think that just because I love Owen that I have forsaken my first love. Mark Sloane. How cute was he? He was trying so hard to convince himself not to go there. When he was lecturing Callie on avoiding the hot intern, he was also clearly trying to convince himself. Lexie is his hot intern. And naturally he did go there. But he was frakkin adorable trying to keep himself from doing what he knew he mustn't. What I find more interesting is that Lexie is so willing to drop her feelings for George for easy sex with Mark. Of course, if I were her, I would do the same thing.

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