Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep7

I know I am so late in posting. Went to my grandparents' house over the weekend and have been so behind playing catch up since I got back. I will try to keep it short though.

So sweet that Meredith is concerned about Lexie. Maybe she'll actually start having more of a relationship with her.

LOVE that Cristina was feeling displaced by Sadie. Now she understands how Derek feels when she kicks him out of bed with Meredith.

It is so understandable that Callie was suppressing every thing she was feeling about being left behind by Erica. And if anyone could understand it would be Cristina. When she freaked out in the OR and Mark and Cristina kicked everyone out so she could have a private moment, you know that girl is going to be okay. That she's not alone.

DENNY'S BACK!! OMG I LOVE that Denny is back!!!!! I don't care that it doesn't make sense. I don't care that it's probably not for long. But every second he is on the screen, I am LOVING it!

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