Thursday, November 6, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep6

In case you haven't heard the news, tonight was Erica's (Brooke Smith) last episode. The company line - according to a response from executive producer Shonda Rhimes - is "we did not find that the magic and chemistry with Brooke's character would sustain in the long run." I know she is not the most beloved of all Grey's characters. But I for one will miss her and the way she challenged Cristina. (Of course now Major Hunk will be challenging Cristina.) After last week's "I can see the leaves" speech, Erica was finally showing some signs of life, of passion, outside of medicine. Oh well.

Freaking hilarious how the Chief was voicing Stan. I was laughing so hard because he was laughing so hard.

Bouquet of corpses. Awesome. I may stop complaining how DBF hardly ever brings me flowers because I could get something worse. Like a bouquet of corpses. (Well not really because DBF doesn't have that kind of access but still. He could find some dead hobos for a bouquet of corpses.)

Meredith's mother's journals are of surgery. And not her life. Interesting. Well surgery was her life so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I was thinking Meredith would end up with more scars from her mother by reading those journals. Maybe not. Especially if they're all medical and she's actually learning stuff from them. Then again, it only takes one page of personal to cause scars.

I'm not surprised Derek played the "you slept with my wife so you owe me this favor" card. Poor Mark. He's not used to rejection. But did he honestly think Cristina would be interested in him? If that happened that would be the moment this show jumps the shark. Cristina is a single malt scotch, for the right kind of man. Mark Sloan is definitely not the right kind of man. But it's looking like Major Hunk may fulfill that role.

The old married couple. Wow. Incredible to have that kind of love that is still so powerful after so many years together. And so so so sad when he walked out of the hospital by himself.

Owen's right. The residents don't have respect. They're so concerned with winning and getting ahead that they bicker and fight for patients and procedures. This is of course not news to us as they've been this way from the very first episode. But to a man that was taught respect in the army - and probably at home - it's a shock. Cristina may have become a doctor because of the car accident that killed her dad. But I think she loses her compassion more often than she has it.

And go Lexie for standing up to Cristina and saying you're not teaching us! You're not doing your job! Cristina did show some signs of leadership at the end of last season. But apparently she's lost that as well.

Izzie's story arc with the stolen heart has come full circle. She thought she had come to grips with what happened but as soon as she realized who the patient was, her guilt came crashing and flooding in. I was glad to see her struggle (and glad to see Erica punish her by making her stay on the case). And I was glad to see her step up and help the patient breathe through the procedure.

Denny came back! Thank you Shonda! I LOVE Denny! And I love how they manage to bring him back sporadically for an episode here and there in a way that completely makes sense. And I hope they continue to find ways to bring him back. As I do love seeing him.


Mike said...

My wife watches this show, and I watch it in the background because she watches, and I must say I was shocked the gay subplot was ended because it wasn't working or whatever. It was the ONE THING on this show I found interesting. Makes me wonder if the studio is prejudiced?

Becky Mochaface said...

That's the rumor on the Internets... that the studio wasn't comfortable with how much detail, etc. they were going into with the gay storyline. Though there is supposed to be a bisexual character coming onto the show soon. So who knows.

Anonymous said...
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