Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep5

Major Hunk is intense. I LOVE it! And what was even better were the faces of Mark and Derek when he didn't give them the ego and attitude they expected. But rather showed why he is a great doctor. Not just his abilities. But his humbleness and knowledge that he doesn't know everything. Just awesome!

Wow. That initial scene with Erica and Callie was incredible. And you could just see Callie getting more and more scared the more leaves Erica saw. Then in true Erica fashion, she shut down her emotion at the rejection and become a cold-hearted bitch to everyone else, especially Bailey.

It was kinda weird to see an episode of Grey's when Meredith is actually happy and laughing rather than miserable and whining. If she keeps this up, I might actually grow to like her a little more. Of course, with the amount of her mom's diaries they found at the end, that's not likely to happen.

Mark does have a lot to offer. More than just sex - though I wouldn't turn it down ;-) I'm glad to see someone besides Derek become his friend.

I would have walked out if I had been told under no circumstances was I to let those pigs die only at the end of the day be told to then kill them. I see what Hunk was saying as far as the pain they would endure if they were kept alive. But I don't know if I would have been able to put them out of their misery the way Cristina did.

Cristina may have been insisting at the beginning of this episode that she's not getting involved with another attending but she sure took it personally when Hunk pretended not to remember her. Can't wait to see what's going to happen with them.

Finally. Alex has a doctor he can related to. Hunk is tough. He knows trauma. And he's good at it. But since he recognizes that he's not perfect and that he needs to learn, Alex has finally learned that it's okay to ask to be taught. And so he asks Izzie to teach him how to be in a couple. LOVED IT!

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