Friday, October 31, 2008

Pushing Daisies S2ep5

Before I get to this week's episode, our favorite little show is in danger of not being picked up for the rest of the season. So make sure you do your part. Tell everyone they have to watch this show or their hair will fall out and teeth will turn black (or some other equally disturbing/encouraging reason to watch). And sign this petition. And get your friends to sign the petition.

I love me some dim sum. You know, I have a hard enough time playing poker as it is, that adding in remembering which foods are which suits would just cause so much trouble for me. But definitely an interesting way to hide gambling. And I'm SO using the phrase "I've got an uncomfortable fullness of the bladder" from now on. Hilarious!

Simone was interesting. Bitchy. But interesting. I don't really see what - aside from her looks - is attractive about her to Emerson. But am interested in Emerson getting a romantic story line. And with her there is a lot of potential for future plot stories and twists.

Absolutely loved Ned's brothers! They were adorable and so cute with their magic stuff. Reminds me of that movie The Prestige. Have you seen it? If not totally check it out. Ned's maturing a little bit. He's embraced - literally and figuratively - his brothers as family and has decided not to hold them responsible for his father's actions. I'm glad to see that.

And his father's "friend" who clearly is out to get some kind of revenge is an intriguing plot twist. I wonder what he's after Ned's father for. Gambling debts? Did Ned's father steal his woman? Or money? Is his father responsible for the death of someone close to him? Lots of possibilities. But I'm willing to bet that whatever the reason, it's not going to be something typical. But rather something completely off the wall and surprising giving the history of this show. Can't wait to find out!

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