Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pushing Daisies S2ep4

Well now I understand why Emerson has kept his daughter a secret. He's ashamed that he's a private detective and yet was conned by his wife? girlfriend? That and that it's clearly very painful for him to remember.

David Arquette did a fantastic job playing a loner with a weird hobby. Not sure that it's much of a stretch for him. He's absolutely perfect for roles like that. Remember him as Ursula's stalker in Friends from the earlier seasons? He plays creepy quite well. And that's a perfect fit for this show. Wonder if he'll come back and as it would be nice to see Ned have a friend outside of Olive and Chuck. (Can you could Emerson as his friend? I'm not sure.)

It was nice to see Ned work on himself trying to be okay with being by himself. I get that he has abandonment issues - his dad leaving him at school, his mom dying, even Chuck leaving after her dad died - but he is just so damn needy.

I don't understand how Chuck and Olive assume everything between them is okay now that they've spoken aloud their frustrations and issues with each other. It takes more than just airing out the truth, though it is the first step.

I love this show for its dark and twisty nature. Someone would have to obviously have several screws missing to think keeping a corpse in his office is an okay thing. SOOOOOO creepy!

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