Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pushing Daisies S2ep3

I am not surprised that Olive is headed back. I didn't think she'd last long in the nunnery. I am surprised that she gave up Lily's secret so easily to Ned. Of course she is still in love with him and when you feel that way, things often have a way of coming out.

Speaking of, I LOVED how she gave him a piece of her mind. Interesting though how they had the whole conversation with all that space between them separated by a table. I think both of them had a part in that. Ned stayed away because that's what Ned does. He always keeps his hands in his pockets or behind his back to avoid getting too close to anyone. Olive because she didn't want to get near him since she still loves him.

Interesting how Chuck and Olive both think of each other as the sister she never had.

Also was a bit surprised to see that they revealed to Chuck who her real mother is so soon after they revealed it to the audience. Thought they would have played that up a little longer. Of course, there hasn't been new episodes since last fall so maybe they figured it had been long enough.

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