Monday, October 27, 2008


Friday night DBF wanted to go to a bar called O'Riley's to hear two of his coworkers in a band. I was thrilled with the idea of getting out of the house for a bit. This bar was full of lots of interesting characters. An old man who hit on just about every female in our group. The Jay and Silent Bob look alikes. But there was one man in particular that kept me in constant giggles.

I spotted him in line behind us at the door but didn't get a really good look until later.

His blonde hair was longer than mine and had at least 2 inches of brown roots. He was wearing a gold vest with no shirt underneath and I'm pretty sure makeup or at the very least eye liner. But it was the pants that put me over the edge. White hip hugging pants with cut outs that laced up along the side so you knew he wasn't wearing any underwear. And the fringe. Oh lord all of that fringe!

Seriously. I couldn't stop sneaking picks and then giggling. The band we were there to hear finished and I asked Matt, one of the guys from the band, about my fringe-y friend.

ME: Okay seriously. Please tell me that guy in the gold vest and fringe is playing in the next band.
MATT: Yeah. It's a Van Halen tribute band.
ME: Oh thank god. *light bulb going on*

So wish I had my camera to show you guys. There is a lesson in this. Always bring your camera when going to sketchy bars. You just never know what kind of interesting people you're going to see.

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