Friday, October 24, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep4

I'm not surprised that Meredith didn't get any credit for their clinical study. Nor am I surprised that she's upset about it. What I'm a little surprised at is that Derek just does not get it. That kind of situation at work is always messy. Add in to the equation that you're sleeping with the other person, and it's a mess of massive proportions. Bailey's right (naturally)... a thank you can go a long way.

A domino surgery. That's pretty awesome. And incredible of those people to give up a kidney for a complete stranger. Sure they have a bit of a selfish reason... their loved one will also get a kidney if they agree to it. And sure, we have two and can live with one. Would seem like it's a no brainer. Except we're talking about major surgery here with the chance you could die. It may not be a difficult surgery but it's still surgery. And surgery always carries the chance of possible death.

LOVED that Lexie finally said to George "Notice me!" because he doesn't. Notice her. He's been preoccupied. Understandably so. But he's still failed to notice who has been on his team from the beginning. Lexie.

Poor George. Now that he's a resident none of the interns are taking him seriously. I hope he can find his balls to make them listen to him. He's stood up for himself before. To the Chief. When he demanded the opportunity to retake the exam. Undoubtedly, he'll first go through hell thanks to the interns before he finds his balls again.

Gotta admire Izzie. For saying to Alex, You're a jerk. And you can be sweet. So pick one already. (So what I was thinking.) I think he copped out at the end when she was saying I care for you and demanding that he admit he cares for her. Rather than actually say the words, he kisses her. You might think that was as good as admitting he cares for her. And in a way it is. But I think he kissed her to shut her up. Because he wasn't going to be able to kick her out of his room, and that was the only way to silence her.

LOVE that Callie went to Sloan for help "down there". And LOVE that he was so quick to help. So Mark Sloan. When are we going to get more of a story line for him? He seems to be more of a supporting character right now than a regular cast member.

Cristina's lonely. I get it. Meredith's all happy and whole (or working on it) with Derek. Callie is spending ALL of her time with Erica. I don't blame her for checking out the interns. Only now Major Hunk - oops Hunt ;-) - is back! He is going to be so much trouble for her. And I cannot wait to watch it!

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