Monday, October 20, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep3

I know I'm late in posting this. I don't even have a good excuse.

Last week Alex was actually kinda sweet when he said hello to Izzie at the end of the episode. And of course he was back to being an ass this week.

LOVED Bailey's face when Callie just unloaded all her emotions onto her. You could tell it was the last thing she was expecting to hear from Callie and that she doesn't want to know that much about the personal lives of people she works with. Bailey is the best at keeping her professional and personal lives separate. So when Callie bursts through her barriers she's shocked. Of course she comes through in the end with the advice Callie needs to hear.

Dermatology is so calm and hardly any stress for a medical profession. The differences between that floor and the rest of Seattle Grace were of course obvious. And it was freakin hilarious to watch first Cristina and then Meredith and Izzie become obsessed with how they could have hand massages and water with fruit in it if they switched to derm. Of course it would never happen as they love cutting people open and holding organs in their hands. The whole story arc reminded me of the first season when they would go to the maternity ward to watch the babies as a sorta way to relax.

George passed his intern exam. Yay George! But poor Lexie. Now that he's a resident and back on level footing with his other pals, he'll likely not need her as much and that's gotta hurt. I wonder if now that he's not so obsessed with his intern status and the whole situation if he'll finally realize that Lexie is in love with him.

Given Meredith's troubled history with her mother, I'm not sure it's a good idea for her to be reading her mother's diary. If I find a diary that my mom kept her most private thoughts and emotions in, I'm not sure I would want to read it. And I have a good relationship with my mother. Reading someone's diary only leads to trouble. But of course it will be interesting to see what kind of drama and Meredith insecurities that will stem from her reading the diary.

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