Thursday, October 9, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep2

George waiting patiently to start his intern exam at the beginning of this episode was so full of hope and anticipation he reminded me of a little boy waiting patiently while his mother shopped because he had been promised a treat.

Anytime you follow up the phrase "I'm happy." with the phrase "I'm happy." you know you're only trying to convince yourself of this fact. That and that you don't need any more therapy, or that you don't think you do. I love how Cristina in her efforts to be more supportive of Meredith rather than telling the truth to Meredith herself, goes and appeals to Dr. Wyatt to get her to insist on Meredith going back to therapy. And of course, in true Grey's style, it is the elevator in which the final confrontation takes place and forces Meredith to see that though she is feeling, there's still a long road ahead of her to being whole and happy.

Typical Cristina doesn't know, or notice, anyone else below her. She's surprised by the news that Lexie has a photographic memory. And naturally, she's a bit resentful that Lexie is right about the patient's pain problem. But what shows her growth is that she didn't bitch and moan about Lexie going around Cristina to Sloane.

I love that Callie is friends with Sloane. Even after they've slept together. And he continues to be the pig he is (and what a hot pig!).

Are we surprised that Miranda was right about the leak? Not at all. And Richard needs to learn when to stop being stubborn and insisting that he's always right and listen to his staff. Though it does seem like he learned a bit of that lesson in that he stayed late to give George his exam at the end.

Alex can be so sweet one minute and such a jackass the next. He can be a great doctor in terms of dealing with patients and showing them that their luck has changed and giving them hope when they need it most. And he knows how lucky he would be to be with Izzie again. I don't know if he's scared he'd screw it up again or if he just thinks he's not worthy. It looks like jackass Alex will be back next week though.

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Backpacking Dad said...

I don't understand Grey's Anatomy. And here's why:

Can't Buy Me Love.

Now, I really ought to be the first to say "look, just because you are a geeky dork in high school doesn't mean that you remain a geeky dork forever; perhaps someday girls will think you are cute."

But there is so wide a divide between dorky and dreamy that I just can't understand why Patrick Dempsey and his nasally "I'll buy you a suede jacket if you'll pretend to go out with me" voice is all SEXY all of a sudden.

And that's all I have to say about that :}