Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They'll have to change the carton designs to include pictures of breasts

PETA has asked Ben & Jerry's to replace cow's milk in their ice cream with human breast milk. Wait. What? That's right, human breast milk could be coming to a freezer near you. I hope I'm not the only one that says, "Ew, gross!"

Did PETA think this through at all? How do they expect to be taken seriously when people all across America are thinking (if they already didn't) that they're complete nut jobs. I mean just the logistics of the number of lactating women it would take to keep their production levels the same. I'm not sure there would be enough women that would be okay with their milk going into a commercial product for the average Joe and Jane to eat.

But I'm not a mother. So all you mothers out there, would you be willing to part with your breast milk knowing it would be in ice cream across the country? Assuming you would be compensated for your contributions.


The Introvert said...

Ok, I'm not a mother either, but I would think that lactating mothers would rather spend their energy on feeding - I dunno - their children? I know some mothers are barely able to produce enough for their own babies as it is. They're supposed to pump enough for Ben & Jerry's to boot? Whatever, PETA.

catnip said...

Ewww, gross is right. The PETA people have now completely lost any credibility they might have once had.

Ellie said...

No one seems to be talking about the fact that human breast milk doesn't taste like, well, like cows' milk. Honeydew melon ice cream, anyone?

Cary said...

That's gonna give Chubby Hubby a whole new meaning.