Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know it's been 7 years. And I know as a nation we continue to try to move forward. But it also important that we stop to reflect and remember the day that changed everything and the people who were in the midst of it.

My story of that day is no different or more special than anyone else's. Like the world, I watched horrified as the unthinkable happened.

Let the stories of the heroes of that day inspire you. Don't get so caught up in your own world that you can't see what's going on around you. Our lives are interwoven and connected by the thinnest of threads. If you see someone struggling, stop and help them. Even a simple smile can make a world of difference.

And remember, how 7 years ago after the initial shock wore off, we were as one in our grief, in our mourning and in our healing spirit. God bless.

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