Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a good thing they were passing out mints as we went in

This past weekend DBF and I went down to College Station for the A&M v. Army football game. DBF went to A&M too, though I didn't know him while we were there. Friday night he wanted to go to Midnight Yell Practice (for you non-Aggies, it's kinda like a pep rally only way cooler because at the end they turn out the lights in the stadium and you kiss your date.)

I had never had a date to yell before and always thought I would be self-conscious kissing a guy in front of a few thousand current and former students even if the lights were turned out. Well, I'm pleased to report that was not the case. For those brief, dark seconds, I felt like I was 20 again. Oh, and DBF enjoyed it too.

Similarly, I had never had a date to a football game. (For you non-Aggies, when the football team scores, you score, meaning you get to kiss your date.) And though things looked a little dismal for the first quarter and a half as our team couldn't even get a first down, we did eventually score, and so did I.

It was a weekend of firsts, and you'll have to excuse me some gushiness as I'm so thrilled I got to experience them with DBF.

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Michele said...

Despite the fact that all things Aggie make me nauseous, I managed to "man up" and revel in your joy!