Friday, September 26, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S5ep1

Welcome back Grey's! We missed you. Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I didn't actually watch the episode until today. I'm blaming DBF because last night he wanted to watch the Fringe episodes he's missed. I was okay with it because since I'm unemployed I have so much time on my hands I wasn't worried about getting to it today.

So, back to Grey's...

Everyone was freaking out in this episode. Over the same and also some different things. But they're all related. How? They're all connected to the characters' dreams. The three dream sequences (Derek dying, Meredith and Cristina old together [which I just LOVED!] and Izzie showing Denny her prom dress) set that theme for the episode.

They all have a common dream as surgeons to work in a top rate hospital. And now that they've been ranked 12th that dream is shattered. So they're questioning their place there and what they can do about it. Cristina actually thinks of transferring. Bailey steals trauma patients from Mercy West. Richard is determined to not let a single patient die and demands better than the best from everyone, especially Meredith. And Callie experiments. But in the end, it's Richard who decides that things are changing. So they're warned and so are we.

George's dream is to claim his proper place as a second year resident rather than as an intern. So he's freaking out over the test and whether he'll actually get to take it and possibly failing it for a second time. But continues to study.

Erica's dream is to be the best at her job, her whole job. She freaks out over being told she's a bad teacher and becomes obnoxious about it making pointed comments in surgery and trying to pick up tips on how to be a better teacher. But eventually helps and teaches Callie.

Meredith's dream is to be whole and have a happily ever after. Her freakout is constant chatter about her relationship with Derek and whether or not they should move in together. It also manifests in her cynicism that there is no happily ever after in reality. But bites the bullet and moves in with Derek.

Rose lost her dream, Derek. So she rightly freaks out in working closely with him still, ultimately stabbing him while handing off an instrument. But moves to a different specialty because that's the right thing to do.

Callie and Erica's dream... love with that right person, perhaps? They freak out over their kiss, clearly ignoring and avoiding each other. But work together to help a man walk.

Lexie's dream is George. So she freaks out at the news that he slept with Meredith and at the thought of actually revealing to George how she truly feels with the risk that he might not reciprocate. But Lexie doesn't do anything about her dream. She starts to only to stop when she realizes George only sees her as a friend. Will she give him up? I don't think so. I think she's going to bide her time until George will see as something more.

A few other things...

They've clearly established a new love interest for Cristina. Major Hunt (or should we say, Major Hunk!) intrigues her with his hardcoreness. Which is natural considering how much Cristina prides herself for being hardcore, of course that is a trait she is attracted to. The man put a frakkin' pen in a guys neck and just ripped the icicle out of her gut. Though he didn't accept the job Richard offered him in this episode, I'm betting he'll be back when his tour is over.

Side note - Was anyone else expecting him to describe trauma surgery in the army as meatball surgery? No. Just me then? Could be all the M*A*S*H I watch. Seriously though, if he had said meatball surgery I would have had to hit pause on TiVo while I laughed my ass off on the floor.

Best lessons from this episode. Making mistakes is how we learn (Hunt). And. It's what we do after, how we make it right, that matters (Lexie). I agree with them both and especially with Lexie. I think it's what we do after our mistakes, rather than just our mistakes, that show who we truly are. I wish more people thought that way. Sigh.

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