Sunday, August 17, 2008

My birthday shoes

For my birthday, DBF promised to take me shoe shopping, whenever and wherever. Yesterday we finally had the time to go. I realized after we agreed that it was tax-free weekend. I offered to move it to another time, but DBF insisted we go anyway.

Of course, we went to the largest mall in Dallas (more shoe options, obviously) and braved the crowds. After walking a full circuit and then some of the mall (plus much and much browsing), here are the three pairs I came away with.

These were on sale at Nine West. I seem to be buying a lot of their shoes lately.

I saw this Antonio Melani pair at Dillard's and immediately fell in love with the metallic navy blue color.

But it was this Guess pair that I lost my heart to. And although I decided to keep looking after I first saw them, nothing in any of the other stores compared to this pair.

Thankfully it all took less than three hours. Though he was so thoughtful to give me this gift, I'm not sure DBF would not have lasted much longer than that.


Anonymous said...

what size are you? i'll take that guess pair when you get bored of them! although, somehow, i don't think that is going to happen! i like them all actually! way to go dbf!

The Introvert said...

Love the Antonio Melani shoes! The Nine West ones look a lot like the ones I'm wearing today :) I'll have to show you the swoon-worthy Michael Kors red pumps I got in Vegas. Looks like we have similar taste it shoes.

Natalie said...

you know i don't own any really girlie shoes. no heels at all. i think it's because i do so much walking here. i look at those shoes and think "ouch" instead of "oh how cute". i am coming back to the states in november. i must update my shoe wardrobe. i need cute!

Becky Mochaface said...

Moto62 - You will have to drop a house on me ala Wizard of Oz to get my shoes away from me.

Introvert - All I needed to hear was Michael Kors and red.

Natalie - There are lots of cute flats that are really comfortable for walking in!

Michele said...

I love, love, LOVE the shoes! And I love DBF even more for his tolerance and patience in shoe shopping. :)