Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a small world after all

I made a decision a long time ago, to live as much - if not more - for the small things in life as I do the big moments. Don't get me wrong. I love those big moments as much as the next girl. But it is the small things that give life a little spice. So, here's my list of my favorite small things, well some of them anyway.

  • The smell of apple cider in the fall
  • New pens
  • Finding the perfect outfit to go with new shoes
  • Reading the Dallas Business Journal
  • Thunderstorms while I sleep
  • Sending cards for no reason other than to say hi
  • Making my own cards to send
  • A kiss on the forehead
  • A hug at the moment when I need it most
  • Clean sheets and a freshly made bed
  • A beautiful day, the open road and my iPod
  • Sunday morning brunch with mimosas
  • Afternoon spent poolside with a good book
  • The red cups at Starbucks
  • Bluebonnets lining the highways in April
  • Finding the perfect gift for someone
  • Getting together with old friends
  • Meeting new friends
  • New shoes (I know this is a surprise for everyone)
  • Chocolate and peanut butter
  • Game nights
  • Weather cool enough to sleep with the windows open
  • A good cup of coffee
  • October - football and baseball playoffs
  • Worn-in jeans that fit perfectly
  • Ice cold beer

What are some of yours?

P.S. I never paid close attention to the small world song before. It does have kind of a point.

P.S.S. I'm sorry if I just got that song stuck in your head. It's stuck in mine too.


Ellie said...

Great list. The blogger in me can't help noticing, though: there is so much blog fodder here -- all in one post!

(Oh. Frozen Margaritas.)

Lin said...

All the above plus:

A real letter or card, nothing electronic

The smell of books, real ones that have leather binding

The way it smells right before it snows

Anonymous said...

for me it's some Crown Royal over a single ice cube.

a new fountain pen. (Once you try one, you can never go back)

kid's laughter (especially my son's.)

running along the river in the morning while the morning mist swirls randomly around the floating geese in the breeze.