Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day #7 - Crotch Shot

This is a new height on my blog I'm reaching today... I'm posting a picture of my crotch. Who knew that a week ago when I decided to embark on this little adventure of posting a picture a day that would include said picture of my crotch? But here we are. And there's my crotch.

Well as you may be aware, Starbucks has launched a new drink. It's a smoothie (read non-coffee) made with bananas. When I stopped in to pick up some much needed coffee this morning, the register barista handed me a sample and free coupon. I'm not a big fan of bananas in smoothies, but I don't turn down free samples (that's what she said!). But I decided to take it into the car with me rather than finish it and throw away the tiny non-lidded cup in the trash before I walked out the door. Well minutes later when I had to hit my brakes a little harder than originally anticipated, the smoothie ended up more in the seat and my pants than it did in my stomach.

No biggie, I thought. I have the best thing ever invented in my purse ... the Tide pen! Since I was driving, I didn't whip it out right there (lots of innuendo today) but waited until I got to work. Only when I did, I discovered my pen was broken! And water and paper towels did not work nearly as well. This was a tragedy! And a long explanation for why I'm posting a picture of my crotch. I'm almost nervous to think of where this could go next. And must remember to add Tide pen to my grocery list.


catnip said...

That'll teach you to accept a smoothie with bananas! Yuck, I hate bananas, even when they're free.

Jenn said...

EWWW! I can tell that's made with UBB.

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Well we just met and there's your crotch. Enough said.