Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day #21 - UPDATED

If I was cool and famous like Jenny, The Bloggess I'd have awesome software where I could easily point out to you the deep scrape on my hand. But since I'm not, you'll have to squint your eyes and look in the lower left of my hand just above the wrist and imagine two scrapes that are practically gashes (at least they look that way to me).

I swear I'm not a klutz. I made a quick stop at home to pick up my gift certificate to Nine West to buy those awesome shoes I dropped a little hint (okay so it was more than a little hint) couple weeks ago before going to the mall. As I was going up the stairs giddy with glee at going shoe shopping, my Anne Klein pump got caught in the cuff of my pants and before I knew it the stairs came up to meet and greet me home. And not just any stairs. But the gravel-y kind that really scrapes up your hand.

Making matters worse, the Nine West closest to my apartment didn't have my size in black. So I have to stop at the Galleria tomorrow to pick up the pair they have on hold for me. And now I'm drowning my sorrows in the rest of the chocolate peanut butter cookie dough cheesecake I got today for $1.50 for National Cheesecake Day (It was The Cheesecake Factory's 30th anniversary and to celebrate, every slice of cheesecake was priced what it was in 1978... $1.50). Everything is better with chocolate and peanut butter.

UPDATED: So have I mentioned how awesome Jenny, The Bloggess is? She is. And if you're not reading her blog, you need to. She's funny, honest, random and not afraid to say vagina. Seriously. Check out her blog now! The point of all this gushing is that Jenny doctored my photo in her Bloggess way to help point out my gashes. Thanks Jenny. You're the best, really and truly.

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I just photoshopped this for you into a bloody mess but I can't find your email address.