Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Milestones and Windsurfing Shame

I passed a milestone and didn't even notice. I've posted more than 500 times and completely forgot to celebrate! Oops. And my 500th post wasn't particularly inspiring. Will have to try and remember to do something fun for the 1,000 post.

Oh well...

This past Sunday, DBF and I decided to take my relatively new windsurfing equipment out to the lake and get some sailing in. (Yes, I windsurf. And though the coast is more of an ideal spot, windsurfing can also be done on lakes. You can probably go out to just about any lake in the North Texas area from April-June on the weekend and see windsurfers out there.)

Only the wind was way too gusty, and I got blown to the other side of the cove. My options were to sail out and try tacking to get back to the shore I started from. Or, get it close to the shore where I can stand and walk it back. Given the gustiness of the wind and that DBF swam out to help me, I decided to walk it back.

You would think that this situation would humiliate me. Oh no. Last month at Lake Whitney, my sail became detached from the board, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE. I was slowly swimming it back for who knows how long, when a nice gentleman from the Houston area stopped to help me (and who said chivalry was dead?). I made it back to shore on my own accord, mostly anyway.

And to top that, last summer on my first weekend windsurfing, I got out and was struggling to get back to shore. After swimming the rig into shore for a while, I did accept a tow from the guy on the jet ski.

All this may have you think that I can't make it back to shore. Which is just not true. I hope.

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