Monday, June 23, 2008

LOST S5 hints

Carlton Cuse, writer/producer of LOST, participated in a TV forum in China in which he teased Season 5. Here are some highlights:
  • Jack v Locke/Science v Faith has been a major theme in the show, and in Season 5, their roles will become reversed when Jack becomes more of a Man of Faith and Locke becomes more of a Man of Science
  • We'll see what happens to Locke and the Others after Locke takes over as leader
  • Locke's story is not complete. There's a somewhat famous man named Jesus Christ who was resurrected
  • Production for Season 5 begins in August
A blog called Apropos of Something has put together a list of the top 30 WTF?! moments over the first four seasons of LOST. My personal favorites:
  • Richard Alpert doesn't age
  • Dr. Arzt blows himself up
  • Ethan's name doesn't appear on the flight manifest
  • Oceanic 815 is found at the bottom of the ocean... with no survivors
  • Locke was in a wheelchair before he came to the Island
Complete list of 30 WTF?! moments.

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