Sunday, June 1, 2008

LOST S4ep13

Before I get to the finale, I want to take a step back to the episode directly before this one - part 1 of the finale. At the beginning when the Oceanic representative goes to the back of the plane to talk to the Oceanic 6, you can get a rough glimpse of a person sitting away from the 6. And the representative gives whoever it is a grim smile. Who is this person? Can't be someone from 815. I have no idea who it is.

Four days ago, the best finale - possibly episode - of the entire series of Lost, and not just this season, aired. I've procrastinated in writing this post because I'm still speechless. Normally I have a page full of notes to write these posts from. My sheet from this week doesn't have a lot of writing on it. I'm simply in awe. Of the genius in the story, the writing, the acting.

The code name for the finale, Frozen Donkey Wheel, was so clear. It's what moves the Island - in space and possibly time. I would so love to learn how it works.

Sawyer is almost unrecognizable from the jackass who sat on the beach in the first season while everyone else helped others, organized debris and tried to survive. The outcast has become lovable. Partly because of Kate I believe. But he's also found a place where he fits. I think that's partly why he was an outlaw in the real world. He couldn't find a place to be himself. And here he is jumping out of a helicopter to save fuel so the others can be rescued. So selfless of him. I heart him just a little more - okay maybe a lot more - because of that. And of course we got a shirtless, wet Sawyer out of the deal when he swam back to the beach. I'm not complaining. ;-)

We got another confrontation between the man of science Jack and the man of faith Locke. I love these confrontations because it reflects what has been a long standing argument in reality. And honestly what is often an argument for me internally. The most frustrating thing with Jack is even when he sees the Island disappear with his own eyes, he still can't have the faith and accept that maybe - just maybe - Locke was right. We do see in the flash forwards that he does eventually accept that truth. But in the moment, he can't bring himself to believe in it.

So Charlotte and Miles decide to stay on the Island. I get why Charlotte does - especially since she believes that it's where she was born. And if that's true, why would she be taken away from the Island. Especially given the difficulty women have of carrying a baby to full term and giving birth successfully. If she left the Island as a baby, does that have some kind of impact on pregnancies? I'm really looking forward to that storyline.

Why does Miles decide to stay on the Island? Perhaps his ghost busting skills plays some factor in that.

And Farraday was on the Zodiac in the middle of the ocean when the Island disappeared. Did he go with the Island? Or is he still with all the socks floating in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight?

Penny and Desmond's reunion was probably the best scene in the two hour episode. Their story has almost become as big and as great as the story of surviving and getting off the Island. And seeing them come back together was such a big payoff. DBF was surprised to see her on that boat. I wasn't. After Desmond's call from the freighter, it did not surprise me to see her on a boat searching for Desmond. I'm curious to see how Penny tries to keep Desmond from her father. He's sure to do something if he finds out that Desmond has gotten off the Island. At least that's assuming that we'll still see Penny and Desmond, and they won't disappear.

Ben. What an amazing character. One of the best characters on the show. Just because of the depth and complexity he brings. Of course a lot of that is thanks to Michael Emerson who does a brilliant job portraying this creepy creepy man. Just at the end of last season he was acting like a spoiled brat shooting Locke because he didn't want to give up his position. And in this finale, he's accepting his fate and Jacob's decision to have Locke succeed him as the leader. They're working together to move the Island. And then Ben apologized and shook his hand as he took his exit from the Island he loves so much. I never thought I'd see him do that, and my heart went out to him as he took his first steps into exile. And with his offer to help Jack and the rest of the Oceanic 6, plus the dead Locke aka Jeremy Bentham, get back, I'm suspecting that he's hoping he can come back as well.

What I'm possibly most curious about is why Locke left the Island. He's the biggest advocate for the hard-to-define Island, and he's become the new leader. The confidante of Jacob. So what drives him to leave his heaven on earth? Whatever the reason, the Island has to have given its blessing because Locke dies. And we've seen Michael and Jack unable to die after they've left the Island.

Now we face another 8 months without a new episode. And Team Darlton are going to be on radio silence for most of that time so we'll be lucky to get any new information. I have all of season 4 saved on my TiVo to last me until it comes out on DVD. How do you plan to make it through the drought?


Greta said...

Yeah. I'm still processing it as well. I don't know if I can agree with best finale ever, but it was head-scratching good.

Cary said...

I agree, B, it was an incredible end to a great season. So much to take in and think about.

I thought for sure it would be Ben in the coffin, though. They fooled me.