Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vagina Expectations

I stumbled onto this article the other day on "How to Have a Perfect Vagina." Apparently now women not only have to obsess over having the perfect body, but now we have to worry about the state of our vaginas.

Pretty soon Oprah will do a show on the subject and The Today Show will feature experts on how women can perfect their vaginas.

I'm not knocking vaginal health. It is important. As anything regarding our health, we should monitor it for abnormal symptoms. I mock the phrase "perfect vagina."

So next time I see my gynecologist, if my vagina doesn't get a perfect score. I'm sending it to its room without sex. That'll teach my vagina to study harder.

1 comment:

Cary said...

The perfect vagina is the one I don't have, thank god.