Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shit. Arriving with Cake, Dogs & a Stash.

It's meme time! Got this from This was an easy one, no thinking involved. Just google '[your first name] likes to' and post the results. Simple enough. But it definitely provides a lot of entertainment.

So, 'Becky likes to' results...
Becky loves to read. Becky loves her friends and family (including dogs). Becky cares about how HIV/AIDS impacts us all. Number one hit, right on. Books, check. Friends and family, check. Dogs, check. HIV/AIDS, who isn't concerned?

Rebecca likes to think about things.Of course. How else would I get anything done?

Becky Likes You... Becky Arrives. Um, kinda weird but okay.

Becky Likes Cake. It's okay, not my favorite thing but I do enjoy a good piece of cake.

Rebecca likes to try and save them when she sees animals in distress. ... Rebecca likes to think of her stash as a processing backlog. Yeah don't really have a stash, unless you count my shoes.

I like blogs. Wherein R rambles on about various and sundry, and that weird cooking thing in CA. ... So, uh, I hear Rebecca likes to cook. Just a rumor. I do like blogs. Just ask DBF, he usually rolls his eyes whenever I start a sentence with "So I was reading this blog today..." And I do like to cook and am pretty good as long as I have a recipe. But then again I was always good with instructions.

Rebecca likes to swear. Fuck yeah!

Rebecca likes to get up very early. I get up early to work out. It's not very early, and I don't like it much, but I do it because if I didn't, I would almost never work out.
So there you have it. Random results from Google for what I apparently like to do.

The real fun with a meme is tagging other people to do it. So, congratulations to Michele, Lindsey and Aaron. Tag! You're it!!

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