Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mochaface History

Apparently I need to change my profile picture here on my blog since my name gives the impression that I'm black. But really if you scroll down you can see my facebook profile on the side and see that in reality I'm a pasty white girl.

Not sure I've ever done a post on how I got my nickname (though it is in my profile) so I guess I need to do that...

A few years ago when I was living in Boston and going to grad school, I worked at Starbucks. In fact at the time, it was the busiest Starbucks in New England. Our morning rushes had the line out the door an for at least 2 hours. Afternoon rushes were also busy but not as busy as the morning.

I was scheduled for the shift from hell - which means the shift that spans both rushes. The night before I went to an Aerosmith concert so was not feeling exactly chipper that morning (read: hungover).

During the afternoon rush, I was working the cold beverage station making frappucinos. I had a blender with ice (this was before we poured the frappucino mix straight into the blender) and when I pumped the mocha syrup into the blender, it hit the ice just right, bounced out and hit me in the face. Since we were so busy and I was out of it (read: hungover), I didn't wipe it off. By the end of my shift my fellow partners were all laughing and had coined me Becky Mochaface. The name's kind of stuck, and I've grown attached to it. It has nothing to do with ethnicity and is not meant to bring any disrespect. ;-)


Greta said... Here's what though, for some reason, I've been reading it as "muthaface" in my mind this whole time. Which I didn't understand either.

Thanks ;)

Michele said...

I don't buy it. I think the photo of you is a sham and that you're still black.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I'm with Michele. You're half black at least.