Friday, May 9, 2008

LOST S4ep11

I love me some Locke.

He's starting to have dreams from the Island, kind of like Eko used to. And Ben's face when he realized his reign was over, and it's John who's picking up the mantle of leadership was so pathetic. "I used to have dreams." He's finally starting to accept it rather than fight against it like when he shot John into the pit of Dharma bones.

And Ben's face when he realized that John taking them to the pit and that Hurley would find out exactly what happened was awesome. Just great acting from Michael Emerson, again. That man is incredible. But back to Ben... for some reason he's okay with John knowing what he did but not anyone else. Guilty conscience perhaps?

That protocol manual Keamy pulled out of the safe had the Dharma logo on it in case you missed that. So does that mean Widmore is head of, or some other way involved with, Dharma? It certainly suggests that.

So Locke is awesome. He drew Mr. Smoky when he was 5/6. How did he know to draw that? Was the Island speaking to him even then, he just didn't know it? Apparently it took a miracle for him to open his ears to it.

How does the knife not belong to him? He's the guy that brought a case full of knives on the plane with him! If it wasn't the knife, what was it? I'm guessing the book because of the way the camera lingered over it for what seemed like a tad longer than the other items.

Any of you smart people know if that comic book was the same one, or same title, Walt was reading in the first season? I'm pretty positive it wasn't the exact one but they looked very similar. Also, the cover did say "Hidden Land" - kind of like our Island. Could anyone read what the badge in the bottom right corner said? I couldn't get my TiVo to give me a clear shot.

Abbadon makes another appearance. This time to tell Locke about walkabouts. I don't quite know what to think about this character. He's certainly creepy.

How is it that Claire - who usually freaks out and starts screaming any time Aaron is missing - has left him behind and ends up sitting on a sofa in a creepy cabin very nonchalantly and very calm and insist that she's fine and with him? Him of course being her dead, sort of ghostly or spectrely figure of a dad.

Richard Alpert. Last night I was wondering out loud to DBF how a man could appear at so many different times and look as if he hasn't aged a day when it hit me. Time travel! It make sense. There's already a strong theme of time to LOST with the flashbacks and now flashforwards. Plus thanks to Farraday, we know that time moves differently on the Island. A couple weeks ago, I was reading an article online that was talking about Ben's recent episode. It was theorizing on Ben using time travel to get to Tunisia. So if Ben can travel time, why couldn't Richard? Also, the way Richard greeted 5-year-old Locke gave me the impression that he knows him. And he told him that the items *already* belonged to him. I have no idea how exactly he's getting back and forth. But I now think that is his secret.

And move the Island? No problem, I'll get my big suitcase. It'll fit in there. Hopefully, it will get through security.

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