Friday, May 23, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep15

I’ve been struggling a bit with last night’s finale. I didn’t just love it. Don’t get me wrong. There were parts that I thought were excellent. Great writing, great acting. But on the whole, I wasn’t wowed by this episode. And that final kiss they had been hyping so much for so long did nothing for me.

We learned more about the two characters we knew least about... Bailey and Alex. Bailey's a bit of a nerd. Who knew? I loved that she was able to recite every detail that happened to Han, even those events that occurred after the end of the mainstream movies.

And Alex. So it wasn't just his dad he had to struggle with but his mom. It is not easy for an adult to take care of someone with emotional or mental problems, let alone a kid. He clearly had been internalizing his guilt for so long that Rebecca was the trigger that just released a flood of emotion. I thought the scenes of him crying and begging Izzie to have sex with him was so very poignant and some of the best of the episode.

Cristina is finally getting somewhere professionally again. I think she was a bit of a bitch with Hahn telling her off during surgery, but then again Erica hasn't exactly treated her with a lot of respect. She's been downright mean to Cristina. At least Cristina is taking the lesson the Chief was trying to give Erica and apply it to her own mentees by teaching Lexie. She probably doesn't want to end up exactly like Erica.

Lexie is a clepto. Not too surprising given the episode where she stole all that stuff from the hospital. And apparently she's in love with George. Again not all that surprising. She doesn't seem to have many friends aside from George, so her developing feelings for him is not a big shock.

Mark did change, just a little bit. But he understands what it's like to be so attracted to someone that you can't get her out of your head. So it wasn't a drastic change. And I can so see him going back to his old ways.

So proud of George. For standing up to the Chief about the unfairness in the treatment all the residents have received in terms of second chances. I had never thought of it before. But they had all received second chances. Izzie after cutting Denny's wire. Meredith after telling one patient she was dying when she wasn't. Alex after punching a patient. Cristina after covering for Burke's tremor. Why were they all given second chances and not George? Especially after he only failed by one point. But then it's not like the Chief to be really open about his reasons.

Bailey gives the clinic to Izzie. I think that's very smart of her. Izzie will do well in the clinic. It's the kind of medicine that allows her to be great not just as a doctor but as a person that cares about the patients. And I'm hoping this move will help Bailey get back together with her husband because I really hate to see her in so much pain.

The teenage tumor patients that found love and support in each other during treatment was a touching storyline. I admire her persistence and strength in going forward with the surgery when 12 other people, including her boyfriend, had died from it before her. I don't know if I would have had the courage to say, I know these people have died, but I want to do it anyway.

I am so glad that Meredith had her breakthrough and realized what it was her mom meant when she said “Be extraordinary.” I’m hoping that I might start liking her. Her gesture with the candles laying out the house was a big move for her.

Oh yeah, and Meredith and Derek are back together. This time supposedly for good.


kiki said...

this was helpful since I never have a chance to catch up with my DVR... your synopsis was entertaining and much more efficient for me

first time commentor.... previous lurker.. hi

Becky Mochaface said...

Welcome Kiki!

Michele said...

this is great! Now I know what to expect when I finally get around to watching the last two ep. online.

p.s. - House... awesome... if you like rooms where nothing fits... bedspring... sawed... wallpaper... one room down, 6 to go! miss you!