Monday, May 19, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep14

Sorry again guys about this being late. And since it is late, I'm going to keep it somewhat short.

What I loved about this episode:
  • Mark's new leaf, he's trying so hard but he ultimately can't change who he is
  • George running around the hospital desperately seeking approval
  • Meredith insisting she get her chart back from Dr. Wyatt while she's in the hospital only to have Lexie come in and tell her that she forgives her and loves her even if Meredith doesn't have the capacity to love her back. And Meredith relenting to another session with the doctor after Lexie leaves.
  • Lexie standing up to Cristina's bullying.
  • Meredith breaking down while telling Andre that they should have waited. That she didn't believe that kind of love existed. And then finally (finally!) opening up to the doctor about what has had such a profound impact on her life.
  • How Alex is still taking care of Rebecca even after finding out that she's not pregnant.

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