Friday, May 9, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep13

In an episode that is supposed to be about changing and becoming the people the Seattle Grace doctors want to be and see in their heads, Richard has not changed. He still gives Bailey special treatment. And he still wants Adele because he hasn't moved on. I doubt he's even tried to move on. He's convincing sure, but he doesn't see that he needs to. Loved how Bailey made up affairs with Derek and then yelled at Richard for his discrimination.

Cristina stares straight ahead and goes super scary quiet instead of trying to suck up to Erica like she usually does. Awesome. She went crazy and started singing Madonna while surrounded by bodies. Loved it. And the only thing that snaps her out of her funk is hearing that Meredith is in therapy and therefore way more screwed up. Couldn't write it any better if I tried. Cristina has changed because Erica has forced her to. She used to doing amazing things, but now she barely gets to even observe. She resents it and all of her emotion erupts when forced to simplify and expose her relationship with Burke for a form. And that relationship was anything but simple.

Izzie is changing. A season ago, I would have fully expected her to tell Alex that Rebecca is actually not pregnant. But now she doesn't. If she had met Denny now, I wonder if she still would have cut that wire.

Poor Lexie. She's the forgettable girl. Loved George's face when he was trying to get Alex to remember their brief encounter.

George, the Chief's intern. He's trying to accept his second year as an intern and desperately holds on to the pathetic excuse of this job that was created to impress Adele as a way to do something different and change himself.

It was no surprise that Todd and Darren turned out to be lovers. When Todd walked into that room the first time, the look that they exchanged was electric and communicated things only lovers say to each other. What a heartbreaking moment though when Darren was being wheeled to surgery and sees Todd, and then he moves on without saying a word to the love of his life because he's afraid his dad won't approve.

Bailey comes to Mark's defense to the nurses but she does it Bailey-style. "He is a whore and you knew that." Berating the nurses for acting like victims when Mark has never hid who he was and acts like the whore he is. Awesome. The pathetic look on Mark's face looks like he's finally realizing just how much of a whore he is. Wonder if we'll see him actually stop his whoring ways - or at least dial it back a bit.

Meredith's therapist doesn't tiptoe around the truth, and Meredith can't handle that. Probably because she's telling herself she's doing the right thing when in actuality she's making the biggest mistake of her life.

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