Friday, May 2, 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4ep13

What an amazingly funny and heartbreaking episode! Not many shows can pull off funny and heartbreaking in the same episode but Grey's does it impeccably with the help of Addison of course.

I love Addison. She's one of those characters that is flawed herself but can cut through the bullshit of other people's issues and help them to see clearly. She cares, and she's not afraid to give you exactly what you need whether that's harsh words to wake you up or a hug and shoulder to cry on. And you can't forget the incredible shoes that girl wears in the hospital!

I'm so glad to see the return of the interns. One of the most interesting things for me in the whole storyline of this show is watching the former interns become bosses for their own interns. Especially Izzie since she's still struggling to establish control over hers. She's been beaten down medically and personally lately and it's starting to show. But thanks to Addison, she's able to realize that doesn't mean you stop fighting. So she stands up to her interns and stands up to her patient. (btw - I had no idea that an HIV positive woman has a 98% chance of not passing it on to her children. See Mom... television *is* good for you!)

George continues his path to manhood by finally embracing his repeat intern status. He's the cool intern because he knows the residents, knows the hospital and knows what to do. Now though Izzie is feeling left out of the group and is trying to fit in. Only she doesn't realize she had been doing the same thing to George.

Rebecca's pregnant. Only she's not. So glad they didn't have Izzie look at the report and act shocked only to not tell us what it said. That would have been evil. But back to the not-pregnant Rebecca... why is she pretending to be pregnant? I'm thinking she wants to be with him and it's the only way she can think of to get him to give her a real chance considering what he said to her last time. And Alex, poor Alex, was a jackass at first ("You keeping it or getting an abortion?") only to realize after the surgery on the baby with his heart outside his chest that creating life is a gift and it's special. I get though why he was hesitant. He's scared that he'd be a dad like the one he had, which all clues indicate was an abusive drunk. But he's taking his first steps to manhood and accepting the responsibility of his actions.

There were so many great lines in this episode. Cristina to Callie on opening up to Erica: "Tell her how I feel? Well I don't speak girl." Or Callie to Addison on her relationship with Erica: "I like penis. I'm a huge huge fan of penis." Or Meredith and Cristina to Callie on why no one thinks they're a couple: "No we screw men like whores on tequila." "Then try to marry them or drown." That's great writing!

Callie clearly hadn't thought of her relationship with Erica as anything more than a close friend, helping her through her divorce and filling the void from Addison when she left for LA. (So glad Callie's not bitter any more as an angry Callie is just scary!) All of a sudden, she's noticing things she missed before. Erica removing a hair from her lip for instance. She starts to overcompensate by dancing then going home with Mark so it becomes clear that she likes penis. And the rumor on the Internets a few months ago that Erica's gay is all of a sudden no longer a rumor. And Addison, true to form, is the only one who notices.

Of course she can notice because she's not immersed in the Seattle Grace world every day. Sometimes it does take an outsider to shake things up. Or, help Bailey admit that she's struggling to make things work - which was another heartbreaking scene. And she's the only one who can say to Meredith, you're wasting your chance at happiness with a great man. Of course it doesn't hurt that she wasted that same chance so she speaks from experience. Absolutely loved that part!

Did anyone else notice Meredith call Derek Dr. Shepherd after the surgery? When did she switch to such a formal title?

For me, there were two amazing scenes in this episode that compete for best scene possibly ever. The first was when Cristina was practicing girl talk and caring about other people's feelings. It was hilarious to watch everyone's faces of shock and Cristina struggle to get the words out. Meredith was perhaps the most concerned because that's not in either of their personalities to talk and be so open with their feelings.

The second scene of course was something I like to call McDreamy and his Elevator Harem. (Sounds like a good name for a band.) The awkwardness was tangible. Then Mark gets on. Just complete hilarity to watch.

I know this was long but I absolutely loved this episode. Quite possibly one of the best ones this season.


Regan said...

I agree. It was a fantastic episode!

Michele said...

agreed! I can't wait to see how Callie and Erica play out. I read in Entertainment Weekly this week that Callie finds love in unexpected places... it will be interesting to see if that's with Erica or maybe McSteamy.