Thursday, April 10, 2008

What I know

I've seen a some bloggers post a list of things they know. I thought, what a cool idea. So here's some of what I know...

I know that lasting happiness comes from taking pleasure in the small things of life.

I know how to check tire pressure and fluids and change my oil and a tire as I've done the latter at least 10 times.

I know the proper use of good and well.

I know the difference between effect and affect.

I know that a sail is not powered by direct wind.

I know how to use shortcut keys rather than a mouse.

I know how to love myself despite my shortcomings.

I know how to use T9.

I know how to make a bathtub sparkle.

I know how to solve a difficult Sudoku puzzle.

I know how to embarrass myself in public and not care.

I know how to make really good chocolate peanut butter cookies and 7-layer dip.

I know how to be a control freak.

I know how to squat in the wilderness to pee.

I know how to drive a standard transmission.

I know the proper ratio of beans to water for making really good coffee.

I know how to waltz.

I know how to make a really good steak.

I know how to dive in a shallow pool without hitting my head on the bottom.

I know how to stand up for myself.

I know how to be a good listener.

I know how to restore an iPod.

I know how to dry out a cell phone after dropping it in the toilet.

I know how to hump it Ags!

I know the words to "Dirty Water".

I know how to give CPR.

I know how to play Pachebel Canon on the piano.

I know how to find the beat of the music.

I know that I can be the grammar police and that it can be annoying.

I know that sometimes I give my opinions unasked for.

I know the importance and value of friendships.

I know how very little of this is important but what is important is to know what you know.

(Thanks Meg!)


Linds said...

I love your list!! And I would absolutely love to come to 8.0's next week! When are you going? I want to meet this boy I keep seeing so much about! :) And don't worry, your secret is safe with me about the 2.0 versus 1.0, heehee.

Lin said...

Thanks for sharing, put a smile on my face :).

Atif Khan said...

its like a hallmarks card or a forward my 13 year old niece would send to my 21 year old cousin, or something like that!

But never the less... Intersting

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I know how to put on lipstick in the dark, in a truck going 60 on a bumpy road.

I know how to cross-stitch.

I know how to drive a tractor.

I know how to raise one eyebrow.