Friday, April 25, 2008

LOST S4ep9

Wow. Wow. What an awesome episode.

And I don't mean the part at Camp Jack. Though seeing the Freighties squirm at being found out that they're not planning to take them off the Island and lying about the Morse code was a lot of fun. Jack is certainly losing his patience and maybe a little of his grip on sanity. And I was wrong about the dead body... it wasn't Regan (Reagan?).

And I don't mean the part about Sayid and Nadia. Though I am glad that he found her and had some happiness with her, even if it was brief. And I enjoyed watching Ben manipulate him into becoming his assassin. Because Ben is the master manipulator.

And I don't mean the part at Camp Locke. Though I loved watching Sawyer care for and protect Claire, Aaron and Hurley. He has grown so much and being on the Island has certainly done wonders for his personal character. He's letting people in and sacrificing himself to help others. What huge steps for Sawyer! I am so sad that Alex is dead. I kept hoping that maybe she really wasn't, but sadly she is. I really enjoyed watching her though I'm sure we'll see her again as no one is really dead on LOST.

What I mean is Ben. His story was so compelling and we learned so much and at the same time are left with more questions. Ben is definitely creepy (especially how he knows, and remembers, so much about everyone). Michael Emerson does an incredible job playing this role. He really brings the character to life. Ben's been to Tunisia, where Charlotte found the polar bear bones, more than once. Whatever that clerk chick read when she looked up his alias definitely freaked her out and made her compliant. Wonder what it was.

But two of the biggest things (at least for me) were that Smoky is controlled by Ben and that Ben and Charles actually know each other. You certainly don't want to piss Ben off (one sure way being kill his daughter) because he will not hesitate to bring his wrath down on you like a black smoke monster you can't shoot and kill but that can pick you up and throw you around.

The best scene of this whole episode was at the end in Charles' bedroom. The mutual loathing that Ben and Charles have for each other was so clear. And Ben's statement about killing Penelope was not surprising. But why can't Ben kill Charles? Some kind of pact between them? Or can he physically not do it? Which doesn't make any sense either, but I have no clue. But I'm thinking of how Michael couldn't kill himself because according to Mr. Friendly the Island won't let him. And how did the Island come belong to Charles? And how did he lose it to Ben? And if he had it, why won't he be able to find it? Oh there is so so much I want to know.

What did you think? Did you love the Ben-centric episode as much as I did?

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